Do I really need a hosting company?

AryanIct provides you the hosting you need to place your website online, but can't a person just host their own website from home?

No, it would not be a good idea.

  • You would need a super fast internet connection and an agreement with your Internet Service Provider to allow you to accept constant, heavy traffic (heavier than normal). This part will get very expensive.
  • You would need to keep your computer on 24 hours a day, every day, and keep it secure from hackers and free of viruses.
  • You would need a powerful computer to handle multiple processor requests at the same time.
  • You would have to install your own control panel, mail server, FTP server, database software, and more.
  • You would need to purchase licenses in order to have all the server side software you are used to getting. Some of those can be expensive.
  • You would need to fix all your own problems and support your own installations.

In the end, it is much more practical to pay a small amount to receive hosting services from a trusted company.

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