.htaccess guidance

.htaccess is a special Apache file that tells your website how to function.

You can edit the existing .htaccess file on your site, or you can create a new text file in any directory and name it .htaccess

How can I secure my .htaccess file?

The file is already protected; it will be forbidden to browsers. To be very sure, double check that the file is named ".htaccess" and not "htaccess" nor "htaccess.txt". (It must start with a dot.)

Can I delete my .htaccess file permanently?

You can delete the .htaccess file, but it will reappear immediately as a blank file.

AryanIct has default directives which will always be in place, unless you create your own directives to overrule ours.


AryanIct uses this code as a default, even if you erase and remove the .htaccess file.

DirectoryIndex index.html index.shtml index.php default.html home.html

You can override those defaults by creating your own rules.

DirectoryIndex home.html page1.php index.txt

Online Guides

If you do not code this file correctly, it can cause website errors.

Guides to dot-htaccess coding:
Great resource for mod rewrite lessons.
Great resource for mod rewrite examples.

I am going to give you some common dot-htaccess codes our customers love. Simply follow the Related Article link, "Apache mod_rewrite and examples".

Please remember we do not offer support to code this, nor do we promise to make your code work.

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