Do I get a free domain registration or transfer?

If you pay for any of our Shared, Reseller, VPS or Dedicated Server plans with a minimum of a 1 year payment we will give you a free domain or transfer service. To take advantage of this offer, select the option to register or transfer a domain when you go to checkout. This offer applies to or .org domains only. When you select a minimum of 1 year payment term, it will change the price of the domain to $0.00 at checkout.

Note: The domain is only free for the first year, after that you will be charged the regular rate for the domain.

I forgot to Register / Transfer my domain when I ordered my hosting plan?

Just open a ticket with our Billing Department within 60 days of your purchase and we will add a $12.99 credit to your account which you can use to purchase or transfer a domain.

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